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How It Works

Do you want to quickly understand the results of your medical test?Here are how your journey to health empowerment begin

Step 1

Upload your test resultsimage

Upload your test results

Snap a photo or take a screenshot of your medical tests and upload them effortlessly. Your health information remains confidential and protected throughout the process.

Step 2

Instant AI interpretationimage

Instant AI interpretation

Once your test results are uploaded, our AI technology swiftly analyzes the data. Within moments, it provides a comprehensive interpretation of your results in plain language.

Step 3

Ask questions & prepare for appointmentsimage

Ask questions & prepare for appointments

Engage with our AI to ask questions. It also generates questions for your doctor's appointment.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier 💪 and more informed world.

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Key Features


Personalised symptom chat

Describe symptoms in our chat, AI suggests potential diseases for better understanding and exploration.

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AI analysis of lab results

Discover health insights effortlessly – our AI examines your lab results for clear, comprehensive answers, eliminating confusion.

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Doctor-ready questions

Talkhealth generates insightful questions based on your health, fostering productive discussions with your healthcare provider.

Our mission is clear transforms health engagement through AI-driven insights, offering accessible, precise, and personalized medical information. Our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge needed for informed wellness decisions, fostering a healthier tomorrow through the seamless integration of technology and medical expertise.

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Instantly translated my bloodwork so that I could understand it. I went to my doctor’s appointment more prepared thanks to using this app.


Michael T.

Denver, CO


Great for managing my chronic condition. The app provided clear explanations, enhancing my understanding and doctor visits.


David L.

Seattle, WA


It's like having a 24/7 health assistant. This app made me feel prepared and informed for my doctor's appointment.


Samantha K.

Austin, TX